Duration & Guarantee

Treatment duration

The number of treatment meetings and complete treatment duration hangs of the size of the treatment.

Simply crowns require two treatment meetings within 4 work days. Greater work with several bridges, crowns and dentures simultaneous can need until five treatment meetings within 2 weeks.

Often we can offer a treatment  in two or more phases. You can come for some days for first preparation and later again for some days for putting the crowns or dentures. Many and cheap direct flight connections make such a procedure possible.

Exact treatment duration is coordinated individually with you.


We give 2 years guarantee for all our prosthetics dental services. The scope is prosthetic surgery and dental treatment free of cost.

The guarantee achievements can be decreased with:

– Negligence of cavity hygiene

– Wrong usage of denture

– Neglecting check ups at dentist’s clinic (in your area once a year)

– Natural worn out of denture instrument for example the one holding cavity bone

– Untreated dysfunction of cavity joint

– Negative effect on chewing system due to the presence of some common illness