Save money

The dental practice SoftDentis in Wroclaw (Poland) offers the high quality and low prices for dental treatments. Western European patients save between 50% and 70%. The cause are lower salaries and operating costs in Poland.

For example:

A porcelain bonded crown unit is about 500,- € at a private practice in West Europa. Excluding preliminary work a ten-unit bridge would be 5.000,- € !

The same work costs 1.950,- € at SoftDentis. This saves you approx. 3.050,- € , i.e. 65 % of your costs in West Europa!

We show you in a short overview the prices for the most frequent treatments. However, we can give an exact and obligatory statement only on an individual inquiry.

Why is the treatment so cheap at SoftDentis?

  • The main cost at dentures are the job costs. And exactly salaries are significantly lower in Poland than in Western Europe.
  • The costs of rental of premises and taxes are also lower than the West European level.
  • As a relatively small practice, we operate independently, without expensive intermediaries or external owners and we have no extensive administration
  • We have very modern equipment, but without unnecessary frills and without expensive rooms in glass palaces.

All of these factors enable us to offer a very good price / performance ratio.